Maya Heritage Community ProjectThe strategy of the Maya Project has been based on the premise that university and community engagement activities can and should have academic merit as well. The Maya Project creates academic engaged learning opportunities that prepare students for employment in such fields as health, law, and human services. The Maya Project also works with Maya leaders to promote knowledge about United States’ law, health, and customs; and educate the USA about the ancient and modern culture of the Maya. Various programs of the Maya Project have included a series of health clinics, law seminars, English classes, and seminars on highway safety. In return, the Maya have spoken to classes at university, and participated in various university programs. Ongoing projects include the upcoming second edition of the Maya Health Toolkit for Medical Providers, the annual Pastoral Maya conferences, the National Maya Interpreters Network, and the non-profit organization Maya Children USA.

Ongoing or projects in progress include:

  • Maya Health Toolkit for Medical Providers
  • Maya Interpreters Network
  • Maya Children USA