Maya Interpreters Network

Maya Interpreters NetworkThe Interpreters Network maintains a national list of Maya interpreters who have been recommended by our Maya advisors; and we continually receive requests from around the United States for the various Maya languages. The Network was initially established to support the National Health Toolkit for Medical Providers but also works to connect people in legal cases. Sixteen interpreters received professional training in interpretation with funds received from the Migration and Refugee Service of the United States Catholic Bishops; and we hope to secure future funding for additional trainings. Needs for Maya interpreters remain high throughout the United States, especially for children and women who speak little or no Spanish. The network endeavors to recommend Maya speakers screened for language legitimacy, ethics, and cultural congruency; help preserve the Maya languages; and promote respect and dignity for the Maya. Fees or expenses for interpreter services are arranged independently by the interpreters and clients; although many times we have arranged volunteer services especially in the local area. Recently we have been overwhelmed with requests coming from all over the United States for Maya interpreters and we have begun to work directly with privately Maya-owned language services.