Maya Children USA Inc.

Maya Children USA IncMaya Children USA Inc. is the non-profit organization developed for second and third generation Maya who embrace life in the United States while maintaining knowledge and respect for the values and wisdoms of their Maya ancestors. The Maya Heritage Community Project helps direct the Maya Children USA Inc.

In 2015 we were commissioned by Bridging Refugee Youth and Children Services (BRYCS) to create six Maya lanugage videos and one Spanish language video explaining the Obama administration's Central American Minors Program (CAM), which was established in response to the arrival of unaccompnied youth from Central America.

CAM seeks to protect children who face persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political opnion or membership of a particular social group. The CAM program is seen as one prong of a multi-proneged humanitarian response to the plight of unacompanied children threatened by the violence in Central America.  Our videos can be seen at the BRYCS website: